Welcome to my world,


My name is Ivan Gloshchaniuk. I have experience 9 years like photographer/videographer and editor. I’m a curious and restless person. I’m into exotic food, music from around the globe, traveling to interesting places, fishing, chocolate and of course photography.

For 2 years I was a member of the photo department team aboard the cruise ship. I shot special events, weddings, and private parties footage.

I’ve now shot more than 200 weddings and a lot of different photo shoots (maternity, family, individual, children, christening etc.) I’m still learning, and hopefully always will be.

I traveled for years, and during my travels, I found two of the most important things in my life: my wife, and photography. I decided to keep both of them close for the rest of my life. Svitlana is always with me. We work together and complement each other.

We have decided to expand our team in Chicago. And now we have a fantastic team of professional photographers and videographers who love their work! Our photos and films are stories told in a poetic and timeless style, showcasing both the beauty of the surroundings and the individuality of the couple that we are working with.

I and my team have much fun working with people, capturing moments and emotions, seeing the look on their faces when they see their own portrait and actually like what they see.

If all that sounds good to you, complete my inquiry form and I’ll let you know if we are free to your amazing day. Ask anything you like, I’d love to meet you for a chat and bring our sample albums so you can see some of our works in print.

Looking forward to working with you and I hope you enjoy our work.